Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

Welcome to DelwarIT Offline or Online Web Design and Development Course (Full Stack Web Development) . For offline courses you can learn live classes from Our offline office in Sylhet .Our IT Training Center is located in Sylhet, Bluewater Shopping city.

Full Stack Web Development Its Also called Web Application Development.  A Full Stack Web Developer is Who can Work Both frontend and backend of web development. To Build a web application based website, Web design determines the look and feel of a website, while web development dictates the functions of navigation.

From our Courses real related projects will be shown and how to apply them. After being trained and passing this course, the student will be ready to use their skills for professional world. As for questions and help, you can always find us 24/7 support line. This course includes career goal and guideline for web development sector. Below There are Course modules from What you will Learn from Us .lets Begin

About This Course

Total Class : 40 Classes

Total Hour : 82h

Weekly Class : 3

Time and date negotiative

Admission Going On

Web Design and Development Course (Full Stack Web Development)

Installing Visual Studio Code and Sublime Text

Day 1:

  1. Understanding web, website, and internet.
  2. Understanding how web works
  3. Technology for web structure, content & presentation.
  4. HTML history.
  5. Basic HTML-5 structure.
  6. HTML tag, element & Attribute.
  7. Formatting Tags

Day 2:

  1. HTML Color
  2. Background Color
  3. Specifying Font Information
  4. Anchor Tag
  5. HTML Lists & Blocks
  6. HTML Table
  7. Table Cell Spacing & Padding
  8. Changing Table Height & Width of Table Elements
  9. HTML Layout
  10. HTML Form
  11. Form Overview
  12. HTML Iframes
  13. HTML Media
  14. HTML5 Video
  15. HTML5 Audio

Understanding Basic CSS:
Day 3:

  1. Introduction to CS
  2. External Style Sheet
  3. Internal Style Sheet
  4. Inline Style
  5. CSS Syntax
  6. CSS Id & Class
  7. CSS Selectors

Day 6:

  1. CSS Box Model
  2. 2 Column Layout
  3. 3 Column Layout
  4. CSS Border, Outline, Margin & Padding

Day 7:

  1. CSS Floating & Positioning
  2. CSS Dimension & Display
  3. CSS Align, Pseudo-class, Pseudo-element &Navigation Bar
  4. CSS Image Gallery, Opacity, Sprites &Media Types

Day 8:

  1. CSS3 Round Corners
  2. CSS3 Font-face
  3. CSS3 Transparency and Semi-transparency
  4. CSS3 Box Shadow & Text Shadow
  5. CSS3 Transitions, Transform & Gradient

JavaScript Basics:

Day 9:

Introduction to JavaScript

  1. JavaScript inserted into HTML pages.
  2. JavaScript Essentials
  3. JavaScript comments
  4. Display info from the browser: alert & confirm
  5. Prompting the user for information
  6. Programming fundamentals: Variables
  7. Add two sentences together: concatenation
  8. Basic math in JavaScript

Bootstrap Latest Version
Concept Of Static & Dynamic Website
Raw PHP Coding
Object Oriented Programming (OOP) PHP
Dynamic Website Development
Admin Panel Integration
Laravel PHP Framework
Laravel version
How Web works
Laravel installation
Laravel project 
Payment Gateway
Web Application Developer
Web Developer
Backend Developer
Backend Engineer

Image crud, Intervention      
File crud
Image crud with intervention

Authentication Middleware
Authentication Quickstart
HTTP Basic Authentication
Introduction MIDDLEWARE
Defining Middleware
Registering Middleware
Middleware Group

Security Mail and Caching
API Authentication
RESTful Resource Controllers
Password reset using mail
Remember password

Notifications(New in Laravel 5.3)
Sending Notifications
Project Discussion
Advanced Web Application development using Laravel Framework

In This Web Design and Development Course From DelwarIT, you will able to learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript ,PHP ,OOP PHP, MySqli ,Laravel , Wordpress . Also you can Learn how to earn money from Online through Fiverr, Upwork ,freelancer , indeed through Social Media.These courses can prepare you if you are Web Design and Development looking for online jobs.


Professional Graphic Design

Class: 36 , Duration: 4 Months

Course Fee: 12000.00 tk

UI / UX Design

Class: 48 , Duration: 4 Month

Course Fee: 12000.00 tk

Mern Stack Web Application Development

Class: 48 , Duration: 4 Month

Course Fee: 15000.00 tk

Complete Digital Marketing

Class: 42 , Duration: 4 Month

Course Fee: 12000.00 tk

Web Design and Development

Class: 50 , Duration: 5 month

Course Fee: 13000.00 tk

Mobile Apps Development

Class: 50 , Duration: 4 month

Course Fee: 13000.00 tk


Class: 48 , Duration: 4 month

Course Fee: 10000.00 tk

Basic Computer

Class: 36 , Duration: 3 Month

Course Fee: 4500.00 tk


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