Professional Graphic Design

Professional Graphic Design

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Graphic design is the art or profession of visual communication that combines images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience, especially to produce a specific effect. In other words, graphic design is communication design; It’s a way of conveying ideas through visuals and design. 

The creation of visual compositions to solve problems and communicate ideas through typography, imagery, color and form 

The importance of graphic design is something that derives from advertising and attracts you. It plays an important role in today's modern competitive global environment and has become an integral part of any business and occasion. The course involves the stylization and presentation of text. A good design should effectively communicate the message of the sender to the target audience using tools of visual communications to brands. Moreover, the layout of a page gives you a feeling and mental position in the mind of the product.

Benefits of Graphic Designing Training Course

Graphic design can help you in the following ways:
• It enhances sales
• Establish a company name
• Build goodwill in the market
• Convey a brand message
• Unite the employees
• Encourage professionalism
• Increase persuasion power
• Readability of content

Why Learn Graphic Design?

Graphic design has an immensely colossal role to play in the modern competitive
business environment. Businesses need the accommodations of graphic designers
to engender impressive marketing materials such as brochures, business
cards, websites, leaflets, stationeries, and so on. Getting into the field of graphic
design can seem daunting, but it’s the easiest way to keep yourself up-to-date with the
latest designs. Moreover, it provides you with plenty of opportunities. Graphic design
is a technology-intensive field.

Graphic design is the art of planning and creating visual content to communicate ideas and messages. The design can be used to promote and sell products, convey a message or develop a brand identity. Although some graphic design has a commercial purpose, graphic design can also be a form of art and expression. In our Courses real related projects will be shown and how to apply them. After being trained and passing this course, the student will be ready to use their skills in the professional world. As for questions and help, you can always find us a 24/7 support line. This course includes career goals and guidelines for the Professional Graphics Design sector. Below There are Course modules from What you will Learn from Us .lets Begin.

About This Course

Total Class : 36 Classes

Total Hour : 72h

Weekly Class : 3

Time and date negotiative

Admission Going On

        Adobe Photoshop Course Outline:

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CC
  • How to use Adobe Photoshop
  • Bitmap vs. vector
  • Resolution and quality issues
  • Viewing/opening documents
  • Toolbar
  • Most commonly used palettes
Rulers, guides, and grids Layers 
  • Background, layer, creating layers
  • Changing background
  • Preserving data
  • Re-arranging
  • Hiding, locking/unlocking
  • Naming, deleting
  • Layer opacity
Layers Styles
  • Shadow effect
  • Glow effect
  • Bevel & Emboss effect
  • Color Overlay
  • Gradient Overlay
  • Pattern Overlay
  • Stroke
  • Flipping, scaling, rotating, distorting, perspective
  • Control options
  • Free transform, straighten or tilt
Working with Text
  • Warp Text
  • Text with underline and Strikethrough
  • Text with mask
  • Image sizes (handout)
  • Image size vs. canvas size
  • Cropping (and resizing), plus manual
  • Image modes
  • Basic retouching with a clone, heal, patch tools
  • Color adjustment;
  • Basic tonal adjustment/enhancement
  • Brightness/contrast: when to use levels (+ auto), shadow/highlight
Quality adjustment
  • Dust and scratches, reduce noise
  • Blur, Gaussian blur
  • Sharpen/unsharpened, and size issues
  • Various tools, tool options
  • Inversing, feathering, grow, smooth, expand, similar
  • Pen tool specifics
  • Paths to selections
  • Selection with Mask
Outputting for the Web
  • Optimizing for Web colors
  • Resizing and compressing an image for quick rendering
  • Saving
  • Save options, and file formats for InDesign, web, etc.
  • Paths to Illustrator
  • Keyboard shortcuts
Project achievements
  • House ad/poster
  • Duotone photograph
  • Repaired photograph


      Adobe Illustrator Course Outline

What is Illustrator?
  • Introduction Understanding vector graphics
  • Setting preferences
  • Exploring the panels
  • Illustrator interface
  • Creating and saving workspaces
Working with Documents
  • Creating files for print & Web
  • Managing multiple documents & Navigation
  • Using rulers, guides, and grids
  • Changing units of measurement
  • Locking and hiding artwork
  • Creating and using Artboards
  • Illustrator Artboards
Selecting and Transforming Objects
  • Using the Direct Selection and Group Selection tools
  • Using the Magic Wand & Lasso tool
  • Grouping objects
  • Using isolation mode
  • Resizing your artwork
  • Rotating objects
Distorting and transforming objects
  • Reflecting and skewing objects
  • Aligning and distributing objects
Working with Color
  • RGB vs. CMYK
Working with Fills and Strokes
  • Understanding fills and strokes
  • Working with fills & strokes
  • Creating and editing gradients
  • Applying gradients to strokes
  • Applying and editing pattern fills
Working with Paths
  • Understanding paths
  • Understanding anchor points
  • Using the Scissors tool and the Knife tool
Creating Shapes
  • Working with the Shape Builder tool
  • Working with the Blob Brush and Eraser tools
  • Working with the Paintbrush and Pencil tools
  • Smoothing and erasing paths
Pen Tool
  • Exploring the Pen tool
  • Drawing straight lines
  • Drawing simple curves
  • Converting corners and curves
  • Tracing artwork with the Pen tool
Using Type in Illustrator
  • Adjusting your type settings
  • Basic text editing
  • Using the type panels
  • Creating text on a path
  • Converting text into paths
  • Saving time with keyboard shortcuts
Working with Layers
  • Exploring the Layers panel
  • Creating and editing layers
  • Targeting objects in the Layers panel
  • Working with sublayers
  • Hiding, locking, and deleting layers
  • Using the Layers panel menu
Drawing in Perspective
  • Defining a perspective grid
  • Drawing artwork in perspective
  • Printing, Saving, and Exporting
  • Saving & Printing your artwork
  • Saving for the web
Final Assessment
  • Designing a business card
  • Designing a flyer
  • Designing an invitation
  • Designing a logo
  • Publishing to PDF for print + web
Fiverr Freelancing
  • Gig Creation & Optimization
  • Gig Performance Tuning
  • Business Ethics in Freelancing
  • Communication Skills in Freelancing
  • Focus on selling your services and If work is aligned, perform that task and deliver.

In this Complete Professional Graphic Design  From DelwarIT, you will able to learn Graphics Designer ,Creative Director ,Creative Executive ,Brand Promoter ,Photoshop Artist ,Logo Designer . Also you can Learn how to earn money from Online through Fiverr, Upwork , freelancer , indeed through Social Media . These courses can prepare you if you are  looking for online Graphic Design online jobs.


Professional Graphic Design

Class: 36 , Duration: 4 Months

Course Fee: 12000.00 tk

UI / UX Design

Class: 48 , Duration: 4 Month

Course Fee: 12000.00 tk

Mern Stack Web Application Development

Class: 48 , Duration: 4 Month

Course Fee: 15000.00 tk

Complete Digital Marketing

Class: 42 , Duration: 4 Month

Course Fee: 12000.00 tk

Web Design and Development

Class: 50 , Duration: 5 month

Course Fee: 13000.00 tk

Mobile Apps Development

Class: 50 , Duration: 4 month

Course Fee: 13000.00 tk


Class: 48 , Duration: 4 month

Course Fee: 10000.00 tk

Basic Computer

Class: 36 , Duration: 3 Month

Course Fee: 4500.00 tk


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