Mern Stack Web Application Development

Mern Stack Web Application Development

Welcome to DelwarIT Offline or Online Mern stack web development Course (Full Stack Web Development) .For offline courses you can learn live classes from Our offline office in Sylhet .Our IT Training Center is located in Sylhet, Bluewater Shopping city.

In This Mern Stack web Development Course From DelwarIT, You will able to learn React ,React Native  ,REST api ,Node ,REST api ,Express . MERN is one of several variations of the MEAN stack (MongoDB Express Angular Node), where the traditional Angular.js front-end framework is replaced with React.js. Other variants include MEVN (MongoDB, Express, Vue, Node), and really any front-end JavaScript framework can work. 

Full Stack Web Development Using Mern Stack. Here you can learn about Mern Stack Web development Express Js React Js Node Js Mongo DB

Admission Going On

         A sprint is a weekly basis

At a Glance:
  • A total of eight assignments
  • Each assignment will carry 50 marks.
  • An assignment should be submitted by the deadline. Otherwise, as a penalty, 20 marks will be cut.
  • Securing, on average, 40 marks will allow you to enter the marathon (special edition).
Sprint one:
  • Explore HTML, CSS
  • Essential git and Github
  • Hosting website to Github
  • Assignment 1: Building a Portfolio
Sprint two:
  • Responsive web layout
  • Bootstrap
  • Assignment 2: Simple e-commerce landing page
Sprint three:
  • Basic Javascript
  • Integrate Javascript
  • Assignment 3: Problem-Solving
Sprint four:
  • Intermediate Javascript (API)
  • Browser & Debug
Sprint five:
  • React fundamentals
  • Single-page application
  • Hosting website to netify
  • Assignment 4: SPA
Sprint six:
  • React router
  • React states
  • React Bootstrap
  • Assignment 5: Soccer Arena
Sprint seven:
  • React authentication
  • Firebase auth (Google sign-in)
  • Github login
  • Adding the sign-out button and toggling
  • Email password auth and login form
  • Hosting website to firebase
Sprint eight:
  • Private route
  • Assignment 6: React Auth with a private route
Sprint nine:
  • Getting started with node, express, and API
  • MongoDB database integration, CRUD operations
  • Deploy the site to Heroku
  • Assignment 7: An event management web application
Sprint ten:
  • Recap MERN
  • Assignment 8: Make a full-stack web application of your own.


In This Mern Stack web Development Course From DelwarIT, you will able to learn Front-End Developer Backend Developer  Full Stack Developer  MERN Stack Developer App Developer. Also you can Learn how to earn money from Online through Fiverr, Upwork , freelancer , indeed through Social Media.These courses can prepare you if you are Web Design and Development looking for online jobs.


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