How does the Google search engine work?

In today's world, there are very few people who do not know Google or Google search engines. Especially those who are involved in online blogging consider Google as their master. Because bloggers keep trying to get enough visitors from Google. If a blogger is able to collect traffic from the Google search engine, no one can stop the success of his blog.

Moreover, an online content writer considers himself successful only when he is able to get visitors to his blog from the Google search engine. No matter how much traffic you get from other mediums including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, it will never be equal to the importance of traffic from search engines. Especially nowadays the traffic from Google search engine is very important.

How google works

Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world. Nowadays Google search has become so smart and advanced that this search engine is able to give the exact answer to the user's queries. Provides accurate and relevant answers.

Every one of us uses the Google search engine every day. We all know more or less how Google works, but technically we don't have a clear idea of ​​how the Google search engine works.

So, through today's article, I am going to tell you, How does the Google search engine work?

How does the Google search engine work?

At some point, you may be wondering, how does Google rank websites on its search results pages? Or how does Google display information or results related to the user's query?

The straightforward answer, however, is that "Google search follows its algorithms and returns results based on the information it contains."

Google's algorithm determines which search terms, queries, or keywords a user searches for will have the best answers or results.

So, it can be said that Google search works completely following its algorithms.

Thus, the job of the Google algorithm is to provide the best possible results from the search index (information that Google has).

However, when we talk about how Google works, you need to know the whole process from the beginning. Google's information source - 

Google information source

In order to display the information on its search results page, Google first collects the information from various sources active on the Internet.

Each of those formulas is -

  • Web pages.
  • Google My Business and Maps user submissions.
  • Book scanning.
  • Data Public databases within the Internet.
  • PDF,
  • Images,
  • Videos, etc.

Google basically follows 3 basic steps to create a search result.


Google has its own set of computer bots called "Google bots".

These Google bots visit different web pages every day, sometimes on a web page and sometimes on the same web page many times a day. Google bots are also called Google's web crawlers.

Their job is to gather information from the various web pages on the Internet and to create an information index of Google's own information.

So, in this step, Google's bots (Googlebot) go to all the pages in the web and start crawling them.


When Googlebot enters a web page, these crawlers or spiders analyze all the keywords, web pages, descriptions, text, links, images, videos, etc. of that web page and add them to their index or list as needed. These can be shown on the Google results page.

Relevant results are displayed on Google's search results page (SERP) after indexing this information created by Googlebot.

If a webpage has been updated, deleted, edited, etc., then these Google bots (Googlebot) can understand it after entering there and as well as update the Google index. Finally, the complete information is stored in the Google index.

Google index is basically a huge database of information that is stored in the computer.

This process is called "Indexing".


This is the last step where Google shows the solution to its users.

In this step, when a user searches for something in Google search, Google scans the pre-indexed information or web pages in order to provide the correct and best solution.

When scanning information or web pages, special attention is paid to language, location, device, etc.

If you do a Google search for "restaurant near me" from somewhere in the U.S., you'll be shown other results,

Similarly, if you search for "restaurant near me" from India or Bangladesh, you will be shown other results.

In this way, Google shows the results depending on the different rules, procedures and topics.

Google provides you with a list of the best web pages related to your search query, keyword or search term (search term).

Keep in mind that Google uses its algorithms to programmatically place web pages in order to provide the best results.


The Google algorithm is a very complex formula designed for over 200 different reasons that Google applies to every web page in order to evaluate the relevance and overall quality of the search term or query searched by the user.

Simply put, Google's algorithm is a complex formula that Google uses to provide the user with the most accurate, best, and most relevant solution from its index. Some of the important factors of Google's algorithm are

  • Mobile-friendly web-pages.
  • High-quality content.
  • Page speed.
  • Backlinks
  • Keywords in Meta Titles
  • Internal Links, Etc.

There are many more ranking factors that are looked at by Google and its algorithm to create the result (result) is shown to users.

How does a post come up in Google search engine results?

This is very important for a blogger or web developer. This is because after a site is crawled it is stored on the hard disk of the search engine but whether it will be displayed in the search engine or will be stored permanently depends on the index. If the link of your blog is indexed then your article will be published in search engine. This index depends on the quality of your article. If your article is of good quality and unique then it must be indexed and the article will be at the top of the search engine. And if it is not indexed then Web Crawlers will delete it from its stored data.

Our last word,

So, friends, I hope you will understand how Google search works.

I hope you understand the rules and procedures of Google.

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