10 Top SEO Tips that Impact Your Content Ranking in 2022

Search Engine Optimization is essential for any online publishing or marketing content as long as the intent is to rank well in search engines. SEO is not a single component, but it's a complete strategy based on several factors that help a website or blog post rank well in SERPs. But what type of elements consist of SEO?

Search engine optimization is not about stuffing keywords in your content just for ranking. But the other factors like content quality, content structure, internal/external linking, keyword clustering, and search intent.

Google updates its algorithm about 500 times a year, which is why even the most current strategies become old with time. In this article, we will share 10 top SEO tips that can impact your content ranking in 2022, so you can stay updated with the latest guidelines and standards of ranking defined by search engines.

10 Content Writing Tips for Ranking in 2022

Here we will discuss how you can write SEO-optimized content to rank well in SERPs against your competitors. These tips help you achieve organic traffic on each webpage and a better overall optimization rate.

1.Perform Keyword Research 

Perform Keyword Research

Keywords are the building blocks of your content that help you gain more webpage traffic. These keywords are based on the terms searched by your targeted audience. You will find long-tail and short-tail keywords to mention in your content. 

Moreover, you can take assistance from Google Keyword Planner to manage the right words and phrases for mentioning in your content. This tool can provide you with a range of keywords against a single term, providing you extensive options for featuring LSI and snippet keywords.

2.Manage a Structure

The structure is the most crucial element of your webpage content. It manages your audience's navigation and user experience as they go through the written material on your webpage. 

For this purpose, you should focus on the heading tags, the number of lines in each paragraph, and the amount words in each line. The ideal number of words for a single sentence should be 20-25. At the same time, the length of a paragraph should not extend more than 3 to 5 lines.

3. Catchy Headings

The headings in the structure of your content should portray a catchy sense. First, these headings should relate to the main topic of your blog or article. Secondly, it should be something creative yet concise. Avoid mentioning lengthy titles, as it kills the purpose of denoting the rest of the mentioned content.

The headings structure should be followed with a proper hierarchy. You have to ensure that you're applying the correct heading tags like H2, H3, etc. But make sure the H1 heading is not repeated more than once in your content.

4.Present Unique Content

.Present Unique Content

Search engines like Google officially state plagiarism-free content as a ranking factor that has initiated online competition for presenting unique information. But it's challenging for content marketers to write something special from what's already published online.

 However, with the help of a paraphrasing tool, writers can make it possible to create unique content with just a few clicks. Moreover, they can enhance their vocabulary knowledge for writing unique content by themselves.

5. Add Links

External and internal linking to specific words can provide additional information for your audience, which is healthy for your site's on-page SEO. However, you have to ensure that the links on your webpage are related to the context or niche of your site. In this way, your audience may find it more informative. 

While choosing the links, you have to ensure that the site attracts a decent amount of traffic and carries a higher figure of domain authority. In addition, you can provide internal links to your website to divert traffic from high-quality pages to dead or low-traffic pages.

6.Keep it Concise

Conciseness is the critical element of effective content writing. Several portions of your webpage content should be defined precisely, such as the introduction, conclusion, and featured snippet answers.

If it's challenging for you to compile information in a limited number of words, it's recommended to take assistance from a summary generator. Such an online tool can help you compile information in specific terms without missing any vital information.

7.Feature Alt Text

Alt text is related to the images featured in your content. It's a healthy practice for on-page SEO as it helps the image recognition algorithm to rank your topic higher in the results. The alt text appears when you click on an image, and a pop-up briefly describes what is being discussed in the image. 

Moreover, adjusting the keyword in your Alt text description is essential so it can appear with the relevant results. It helps your content to feature in the images tab of Google.

8.Add Meta Description

The meta description is as important as the meta title of your website. The short description appears below the heading in the search results. Meta description gives an overview of the contents featured on that specific webpage. 

Meta description of websites in SERP

Add Meta Description


It is vital to adjust long-tail and short-tail keywords in the meta descriptions to maintain better relevancy in the search engine page results.

9.Maintain Readability Tone

When we talk about writing optimized content, we shouldn't only be focused on the writing for the search engines. But it's also essential to present quality content for your audience. Therefore, try to maintain a specific readability tone depending on the type of your targeted audience. 

You can choose to write in various writing styles by taking assistance from a paraphrasing tool. These tools are programmed to present alternatives for multiple terms and synonyms to make them more readable.

10. Regularly Update the Content

The final tip is to regularly update your content to stay ahead in the competitive ranking game. Search engine algorithms regularly check for fresh content, and it always keeps the most recently updated content on priority. You can make an editorial calendar to update your webpage content.

Editorial calendar
 Regularly Update the Content


Search engine optimization heavily relies on the type of content that you post online. Product descriptions, informative blogs, guest posts, and review articles are examples of how content can bring lucrative results for online businesses. In that regard, it is vital to write optimized content to secure prominent spots in the ranking.

This article featured 10 top SEO tips impacting your content ranking in 2022. These tips would help you write online content according to the latest guidelines and ranking factors defined by search engines. 

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