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Be a Freelancer, Be an Entrepreneur . Delwar IT is an institution where empowering the community for an excellent standard of learning is what we desire by supplying experienced and skilled mentors, updated course curriculum, quality training and achieving certificates at the end of program.

Each of our classes are taken considering the demand of the job market. With our training program we are working to ensure that no one is suffering from unemployment due to lack of skills in a technology dependent dynamic world. .Anyone can receive training from our Institute . Delwar IT have trained over 1500 students who are earning in various ways and most of them have been successful. Our courses include Graphic Design,
UI / UX Design, Web Design, Web Development, Video Editing, Digital Marketing, Marketplace Training. ThereFore Don't wait to Start Your Career With us .Applying in DelwarIT will give you the most important skills of the present time. Delwar IT main goal is to transform our students into future leaders of IT world and spread the tech knowledge.

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  • Our courses are the most compelling and thrilling road with interesting lessons to support students to become successful freelancer or entrepreneurs.
  • You don’t need to worry about having prior experiences before applying to our lessons. Those courses will supply you with multiple labs, assignments and training from our experts to prepare you for freelancers/entrepreneurs careers journey.
  • Therefore, enroll in a class and start a new chapter of your life. With our support, you will able to overcome challenges.
  • Need help ? Don’t worry. We will provide guidelines and support by using our 24/7 help online service. You will get support and answers to your questions from professionals. In addition, we offer help for Ongoing projects .
  • Learn everyday and start building towards your goals. We ensure our students to become top IT experts and dominate the world.
Delwar IT offers:

After class assignments And support for any ongoing projects from experts

  • Job placements.
  • Do classes from anywhere .
  • Interships
  • Trainings with professionals
  • Guideline how to earn money from market place
  • 24/7 help service
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