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Perfect Solution For Your Business

As our motto, we always provide the bst service
especially for your company by growing your
company to be better

24/7 Help Assistants

We want our students to be successful. Our help assistants are here to assist in your problems. This service will be online for guiding our students and providing help for projects ongoing.

Lifetime Support

All of our students gets lifetime support. We provide experts guidelines for your live project and maintain it in international standard. This will increase opportunities to have connection with experts from outside.

Practice Lab Support

We offer lab practices for students who need help.they can practice the tasks and be able solve problems with our guidances. With this service, they are free to ask questions and improve their skills.

About our Company

Be a freelancer , be and entrepreneur. Delwar IT is an institution where empowering the community for an excellent standard of learning is what we desire by supplying experienced and skilled mentors, updated course curriculum, quality training and achieving certificates at the end of program. Each of our classes are taken considering the demand of the job market.

It Trainning

Providing best quality of class

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DelwarIT can strengthen Your Business

Creating Future Leader

We are the makers of Future Leaders!

As one of the leading IT solution providers of Bangladesh,
we are working with the vision of making the nation proficient in the
Global ITvillage by building a platform which serves business owners
as well as freelancers with comprehensive training for IT skills and
professional enterprise solutions.Where we develop a progressive, empower and consumer focused corporate culture to growing market leadership along with the passion of corporate social responsibility to extend our leadership through performance.

Syed Delwar Hussain Founder, Chairman, and CEO at Delwar IT

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We are the makers of Future Leaders!

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